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Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies


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Today post is dedicated to a book / movie review. The title is “Lord of The Flies”, and it is one of the most interesting and extraordinary book I’ve ever read. No wonder in English speaking countries teachers usually assign it as a mandatory read. It’s enlighting and it keeps, deep inside, a dire warning.
Some people say the book is pessimistic, in my opinion, it transcends pessimism, it simply swims into the crude and wild reality. Every element in it is perfect, the location, the age of the kids, probably the cruelest age in our lives, 8 ~ 16 years old, an age in which we’re supposed to absorb the culture and education from the society, from our families. It also has the perfect climax, this book is, as a novel, a perfect handbook of sociology, touching so many aspects of it. In a sense Golding created “The Perfect Storm” inside the human nature.

It is hard to talk about “Lord of the Flies” without spoiling the reading of the book or, if you’re lazy, the vision of the movie. Golding in my opinion created here a masterpiece that even though short in size succeeds in opening the door to what really means losing every safety net provided by morality. It is also my opinion that this book should be read at least twice in your life: as an adolescent one would definitely appreciate and identify with the kids tendency of destroying the thick layers of rules and mores and reinvent them their own way; as an adult I’m sure the book will whisper a more complex set of questions and dilemmas once you reach the end of it.

Here’s what Sir William Golding himself had to say about his book.

William Golding

Through BBC presumably from The Library of Congress, all rights reserved

Once watched the movie you might want to re-watch “Apocalypto” by Mel Gibson, the end of it is for sure an homage to the end of “Lord of the Flies”.

The movie I referred to is the 1990 one, but if you’re interested there is also another version from 1963.
Read this book, watch the movie and you’ll be able to identify similar patterns whenever a crowd will seem to have a mind of its own.

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  1. Bravo, grazie!!

  2. And about the interview, in some way he answers to the point I was making the other day on my post about the behaviour of men as opposed to women. I'm not saying that it is always like that, and I WISH IT WAS NOT LIKE THAT, but there must be some truth in what I was saying.

    • Yes, there is surely a bigger difference when you isolate a single gender group in an island. I guess these days there is a tendency to homogenize boys and girls into a unisex thing, probably for politically correctness above everything else. However I tend to agree with Golding, surely it would depend a little on the culture the group is from yet if a group of girls were in that situation I'd be inclined to consider the outcome, with all probability, less… savage.

  3. I think the social aspects are more interesting then the difference between genders. Because due to cultural differences, on a desert island the pre existing culture would vanish in less then a generation, and if you remove all "education'", thus two generation later they would return to pre technology era, unless the "first"establish schools ect. Which is highly unlikely if the age of the people on an island like "lord of the flies"'

    People who say that mankind is good, or even has improved themself since dawn of time.. should read this book!!!

    • Yes but at the same time I disagree with the role of a "State", I don't believe people behave in a certain way because they are in someway constraint by an authority above them, I believe they develop social mores and accepted behavior for their own interest, because is more advantageous for the whole group not to take advantage of each other as long as the other ones do the same. Common culture, common interest keep them together, not an authority. The problem is that these are kids, they still need to absorb the rules of the adults, the "circle" is not complete, so now, because they are incapable of foresee the advantages of civilization they easily break down into chaos.
      Chaos is a very dangerous thing, for chaos never sleeps. When you deal with it you can't give any behavior for granted so eventually something's gotta give.

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