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Barcelona, the ongoing story…


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It’s been seven years since I transferred to this ever changing city.
Barcelona is many things for many different people, for me it’s the place that provides me with a beach, a well connected international airport, an intricate metro system quite a decent selection of food and an astronomically big variety of foreigners; some come for a weekend, some for a few years.

It is a very difficult place to define, and not for lack of insight or intel. Maybe because it has the ability to appear to you in many ways, considering how long you plan to stay and where you’ll sleep.

As you might expect, such a complex topic should not be intended for a single post, that is why I’m planning to start a section of posts about Barcelona and its curious peculiarities. I like to tell a story and I particularly appreciate to tell it with photographs. Most of the time some of the most vivid experience we have of a certain place makes sense only after we tell the main story, otherwise the risk is to appear whimsical and biased.

Nonetheless, anecdotes and extemporaneous facts tend to be memorable and add vivid colors to the painting.

For this reason and the fact that this is not intended as a tourist guide I have decided not to avoid secondary experiences in order to tell a richer story. Hence the choice to divide all this into chapters, or posts is in my opinion the best way to tell this ongoing adventure.

Tokyo Ito Tower

Hotel Porta Fira, Hospitalet, Barcelona. AKA Tokyo Ito Tower.

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