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Find my iPhone

Grand Theft iPad


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A few days ago something close to INCREDIBLE happened to me.

Around 18:00 on a Friday and I just finished my workday so I’m going at a nearby bar to celebrate when all of a sudden my backpack got stolen from me, inside among many things there were my computer and iPad. So I said: @#}¢$!!! …and reached that horrible state of mind that clutches your heart and drops you into something close to a mix of panic and disgust.

I hoped that maybe it was a prank, so I took my iPhone, clicked on “Find my iPhone” app and located my iPad on the map: it was “running” along a coastal avenue, already miles away from me. Everybody said: GONE! I turned to them and asked: “Who’s coming with me on a taxi to chase that SOB?”
Vanna and Rita bravely accepted the challenge.

Find My iPhone

Screenshot of the “Find My iPhone” app, copyright by Apple Inc.

It ended up being a one hour car chase like you find in no Bond movie, all across Barcelona.
This thief really went all around the entire city but then stopped and 15 seconds later I was there like a pit-bull, taxi waiting, me off and on foot walking and scanning all the cars stopped at a red light and people walking on a sidewalk, I was looking for my imminent victim: the thief.

I found nobody, but then the dot on the map that symbolizes my iPad moves a little so I jumped back into the taxi so that we can get around the block but suddenly, the iPad is steady: the app now is sure, the iPad is there, still updating position and not moving at all!
I’m again off the taxi and scanning like a Terminator every single person passing me by on a pedestrian street near the metro stop called “Clot”. He’s cornered, I know it.

The minutes pass, so the girls and I decide to ask the people that are there if they have seen somebody with a black backpack acting suspiciously, a long shot, I know but we gotta do something.
So we ask the Chinese owners of a fruit shop right where the blinking spot is steady on the map on my iPhone, they are a couple and a their 10yo kid. They claim that it wasn’t one person but instead there were three guys, very agitated and remarkably suspicious; we go on talking so they tell us all about the thieves and at that point the story takes an unexpected twist.

They say the thieves left EVERYTHING there, in front of a closed shop next to their fruit store!
I look and it’s all there, computer, iPad, wall adapter, mouse, USB cables, everything but the backpack, I cannot believe my eyes.
The Chinese family then told me that the thieves were panicking and emptied out the backpack of all its content right there, kept the empty backpack and a few seconds later two escaped in the metro while another one ran away down an alley.

This is the most memorable and galvanizing adventure I’ve ever had!!! I literally scared them off!!! I can now imagine them targeting me at the bar, studying me, choosing the best moment, taking the backpack and running all across Barcelona only to find me right there one hour later, bloodshot eyes looking for them right where they were standing.

I lost a backpack and 40 euro in the longest taxi ride of my life but it was worth it!

If a similar adventure happened to you or if you had a successful experience with the “Find my iPhone” service, please do comment here below.

Featured Image and the screenshot image above of by Apple, all rights reserved.

Author: Marcus1571

Marcus is the Administrator and Senior Editor at "Band of Bloggers".

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  1. Sensational story! Like a movie! I'm glad you got it back!

  2. [16:19:40] jeanna009: I just wanted to tell you that I've read the story on "BoB" and it's scary but also amazing! I just met quite similar situation, our bikes were stolen this Tuesday morning and a couple of situations were mixed together – Czech police stopped two guys in car around 2 a.m. this Tuesday, with three bikes in the trunk, so they took photos of the guys and bikes…we realized that our bikes were stolen in the morning around 7 a.m., police came into our house, showed us photos of thieves and bikes – and I identified our bikes! But police told us that they would come for the thieves probably next day – I was sooo angry! Why next day? Why not now when they have proofs in hands? I was about to sit in the car and go to beat up the thieves! But luckily a friend of mine has a very good friend who is criminologist, so he called her and ask her for some information…We found out that police has bikes, but not thieves because they were not in the place where they should live. We should receive the bikes in month or two, so I am very happy and I hope we would get the bikes back…

    • That's quite a tale Jenny! Hopefully you'll have your bikes earlier.
      I really hope my tale will inspire people to get up and hunt the thieves. Giving up is the best way to lose.

  3. Awesome story!

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