"Of course the game is rigged. Don't let that stop you; if you don't play, you can't win." — Robert Heinlein


It all started years ago. And it all started reading something exceptional. Every one of us in order to create something truly great took inspiration from other people, and so was for us.

We love freedom of speech. And we love a good honest discussion. We love to talk about the world we live in, where it came from and why we believe it is bound to end up this way or that way. We do it every day, with people we know and respect but also with perfect strangers yet with a respectful code of conduct, which does not necessarily agree but allows different opinions and gives us opportunity to engage in a good conversation.

I had a vision of this website can be from the guys at Ricochet.com, so I thank them here for showing the way.

Every contributor to this website has some common characteristics; some passions that made all of us coalesce here: love for freedom, primarily freedom of speech; passion for traveling; a belief that a critical mind is the instrument that feed our curiosity for different cultures and people.

Philosophically speaking we all evolve from something and into something else. With a little bit of freedom and luck our journey will bring us into places that will most certainly exceed our fantasy.

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